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Essential - All Skins

A simple facial incorporating cleansing, exfoliating, massage and a mask, selected individually to meet each clients needs.

Treatment time - 40 minutes


 Aromatic Facial - All Skins

A relaxing aromatherapy facial with natural plant extracts and essential oils to restore radiance, lift

your senses and give an overall feeling of well being.

Treatment Time - 1 hour



Hydradermie (Cathio) - All Skin

The elite of facials, using a gentle electrical current and highest quality ingredients we can treat any skin condition. We work on the base layers of the skin where the cells are born to give instant results that last up to 4 weeks.

Treatment Time - 1 hour



Eye Cathio

As above but specially designed for the eye area. Leaving you bright eyed and youthful



Hydra Plus

The Crême de la crême of skin care, this treatment takes the hydradermie to the next level. Solves aging problems associated with eyes, neck and face, helps replace collegen.

Treatment time - 1 hour 30 minutes




The latest facial treatment which provides a youth revolution by stimulating facial muscles to give new tone and life to the features of the face and neck.

Treatment time - 1 hour


Beaute Neuve

A renewal treatment using gentle fruit acids and enzymes which have a peeling and regenerative

effect. A complete spring clean for the skin.

Treatment time - 45 minutes


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